Childhood places in Novellara

On Wednesday 11 October in the Novellara municipality in Italy there was be an afternoon of study and reflection about children and public spaces.
The focus of the meeting was aimed at the awarerness of teachers and adults in general around children as public actors, after three years of investigation and experiences that produced evidence about children competencies in public spaces. .

Over 100 participants attended the meeting and training day at the municipal Theatre Tagliavini in Novellara on the BRIC project Childhood Public Spaces and Democracy.
The aim was to share experiences and awarerness from the project that has involved children, teachers and parents and intended to explore and deepen the theme of democratic participation in public spaces.

During the afternoon there were many speeches, including those from:
Elena Carletti, Mayor of the City of Novellara
Patrizia Benedetti, Cristian Fabbi, Simone Armini from Azienda Servizi Reggiana and members of the BRIC Project Management Group
Martina Illari Lui, teacher in Birillo infant toddler center in Novellara
Sara Soli teacher in Zenit preschool in Boretto
The afternoon was coordinated by
Battini Marco, School Councilor of the City of Novellara.

It was also an opportunity to visit the exhibition “Bassa Reggiana Children’s Places” realized for the European BRIC project conference

Download the invitation card (in italian).