Barnpedagogiskt Forum is a nonprofit organization based in Gothenburg, Sweden – formed in 1983. Its purpose is to collect and disseminate information and knowledge development in preschools and schools. Activities are conducted through lectures, seminars and study visits. The association also disseminates information in the form of reports and various forms of study materials. The association is headed by a board of directors who represent a spectrum of representatives of preschools, schools, universities and colleges, and similar activities. In this project two units from two different municipalities are represented.

Our place, a square to live and discover

9 February Our outdoor experience consists of visiting a little square, before a market place, that children called “our place”. These pictures are fragments of our school project “children’s relationship with the places”, in particular when teachers visited an artist…
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Open Public Forum in Gothenburg 31st May

From the 30th May to the 3rd June 2016 it is the turn of Sweden to host the BRIC meeting. The teachers will visit preschools and exchange their ideas and practices of children’s democratic engagement in public spaces. On the…
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First steps of the project in Sweden

To mark Europe Day in Norra Hisingen In the begining of May the municipality of Northern Hisingen organized “To mark Europe day”, an event with exhibitions and activities at the City Library. The BRIC project took part of the event…
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Sweden Pilot Project

The general definition of “public spaces” (Right of public access) in Sweden is: “You make use of the right of public access when you go for a walk in the forest, paddle a kayak, go climbing or just sit on…
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