Azienda Servizi Bassa Reggiana is an association of municipalities managing the development, the qualification and the education of preschool teachers working in sixteen preschools in the Italian district called Bassa Reggiana in the Province of Reggio Emilia. ASBR belongs to 8 municipalities of the district called “Bassa Reggiana” and has been created to allow the municipalities to manage directly the preschools, the overall school system. ASBR has also the aim of developing the participation of parents, politicians, citizens and members of the public society in order to create a community around preschools and, moreover, around children. Another aim of ASBR is to contribute to the creation of an international network that supports the dissemination and reflection around educational connected subjects. Every year ASBR runs, in collaboration with Progettinfanzia, preschools and municipalities, an event in the squares of every village of the district called Piazzedinfanzia ( Children take care and express their opinion about the “piazza”, the square of the village and, together with parents, educators, teachers, develop activities for other children.

Public spaces, childhood and democracy in a Post-it note

Ideas of parents, teachers and citizens gathered trough post-it notes during the BRIC Forum the 8th November 2016 in Bassa Reggiana, Italy I totally agree with this experience…if children lives the environment, they experience the diversity and become aware of…
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Open Public Forum in Italy 8th November

International Forum between English, Swedish and Italian partners of the BRIC project, with presentations of experiences made in public spaces by children from infant toddler centers and preschools. The meeting is open to local politicians, parents, teachers and citizens.

Italy Pilot Project

What do we mean by public spaces? The public spaces give the idea of something free, that you can access without paying Free also in the sense that it doesn’t have enclosures The public spaces are spaces opened for the…
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