Our place, a square to live and discover

9 February

Our outdoor experience consists of visiting a little square, before a market place, that children called “our place”. These pictures are fragments of our school project “children’s relationship with the places”, in particular when teachers visited an artist and her sculptures. In the last picture you can see some parents meeting each other at “our place”.

27 April

Here we presented some photos to the children from our meeting with the artist, who made the sculptures in “our place”.

19 May

We visited “our place” to be seen in the community and to have a dialogue with the others citizens passing by.

31 May

Some traces that children left at “our place” reproducing the sculptures.

7 June

We have experienced something amazing at “our place “, beautiful weather, a nice little exhibition of children’s sculptures, emotional music (Goliath with Laleh, performed by the children), all the grandparents and other curious citizens.
Additionally, the journalist Leif Martinsson from Backa-Kärra newspaper came by. Thank you to all citizens for the interest shown and thanks to the local market for electricity!